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Monday, 25 March 2013

Online Identity

The internet offers us a plethora of means to establish an online identity. Via the internet you can share yourself with the world but also create your own personal facade. You can be who you really are, or be anyone you want to be. One may argue creating a false identity is wrong, others may argue this is a part-and-parcel benefit of the cyber world.
Personally, with the recent boom of the online job market and employment community it is important to keep my online persona as accurate and professional as possible for future career opportunities. I see the online environment as an opportunity to build a more professional image of myself for when I apply for jobs. I believe most people could agree with me that during high school years our online identity was not nearly as important as it is today. It did not bother me to have pictures of me celebrating an occasion in which alcohol was involved - however, today as mature student entering the professional world I  have become very particular with what I post or someone else posts of me. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy having fun, celebrating, and having memories of those days - just not in public where anyone can see it and possibly making a sweeping character conclusion based off one tasteless picture. Some may argue the internet gives you the freedom of being whatever or whoever you want but everything has a set of limitations. Yes - the internet gives you freedom of identity but up to what point? How free you are with your online identity may actually constrict your real life opportunities.
I believe the internet is a powerful tool which can close doors before they are even open for you. It may also open doors in your life allowing you to live a successful happy life. In my case maintaining a professional immaculate online identity is absolutely essential for my future.
Here is an example of what you do NOT want, and what you want as your online identity:


This is a perfect example of how strong images can be, but also how important it is to keep a clean online identity. These photos could impact a future career opportunity simply due to the fact that the employer make a character judgement before getting to know the person. I believe that this applies not just in my case of being student looking for a professional opportunity but for everyone who wants to have a clean, respectful identity online but also in real life.     

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