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Friday, 15 March 2013

Google Article

As I was reading through the article of Google being fined 7 million dollars from 38 different states due to the collection of some WiFi information private data without the consent of the owners, I found that Google is not just a company used as a tool to obtain information via internet, but instead is a company that is not respecting peoples privacy and rights. I think that as mentioned in the article, 7 million dollars is minuscule to a company that makes close to 30 million dollars per day, but the lesson these states are trying to fortify imply is for Google to respect peoples privacy. The problem is that this is not Google's first time bypassing privacy, the Federal Trade of Commission fined Google in 2011 for 22 million dollars for bypassing privacy settings in the Safari browser. I feel like Google has been lately using deceptive techniques to obtain information without anyone's consent, and sure sometimes they do get caught and some penalties are imposed but if they have done it once than why not again. Google's latest gadget will be lunch in year 2014 "Google Glass", these glasses consist of a microphone, video camera, and GPS all integrated into the glasses. You will be able to record anything you want whenever you want and as you are recording all of these information will be transfer to Google main data collector. I think that if maybe by accident collecting WiFi information from businesses and households was a big deal for some states and people, how would these Google Glasses make it any better. Having a device that will records voice, video and location will be extremely disrespectful. I believe that this Google Glass idea violates privacy in so many different levels. You will not have any privacy at all anymore because maybe someone who might want to harm you physically, monetarily, or mentally is more than capable to do it without any consequences. This will be like having someone watching every move you make 24/7. Do not get me wrong it is a cool piece of technology but in the long run do we really want this in our lives, no privacy at all?

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