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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Class 2012

Before this English class started I was honestly not excited at all due to the fact that English is my second language but also I have not had any good experiences with the marks during my last years of English classes. I know that for some this class might be easy but for me it was a challenge. Over the past couple of months I feel like I have gained some precious techniques which will be useful for my future. First I have noticed a large improvement in my writing technique, I am able to write faster, more clear, more effective, and also I have found different ways of how to successfully approach an audience. I have not only improve in my writing skills but also I have learned to read in a much more efficient way, I do not take as long as I use to before and I am also able to read the content and comprehend it at the same time unlike before when I use to just read but nothing was getting through. I think having blogs and projects often has improved my English comprehension drastically. This semester has been a challenge but I feel like it was worth it due to the skills I have gained which in the near future will help me. I believe I will keep practicing my writing and reading since is such an essential tool not only for work but for life.
Another thing I have learned is how careful we should be with our online activity. I know now how important our online persona is. I have learned techniques to maintain a clean professional online image, and also how to have a safe online experience.
I have actually enjoyed this class for multiple reasons, first I have improved my skills through effective learning techniques such as blogging, joining communities and having projects. Secondly I am encouraged to participate in class, think critically and analytically. Third it is a very open class, but also it has given us freedom to come to class only once a week but still get everything done. I think this approaches is what has helped me improved over the last months.

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