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Thursday, 7 March 2013

The End of Hugo Chavez

Hey guys, huge news! what most of South American countries have been hoping for!

Since December 31 Hugo Chavez had been on life support due to cancer and was transported to Cuba for further operations. On March 5th president Hugo Chavez officially died. Many are sad but most are in joy, those who are in joy are looking forward to a new presidency election. It is said that Hugo Chavez asked the residents of Venezuela to elect Maduro as the next president. I pray that the people from Venezuela do not pick someone who would the the same or worse damage to the country. I believe that they should pick someone who will bring peace, control and wealth to the country because the resident of Venezuela have the means to run a successful and prosperous country and I hope they make the right choice this time. 
This is a new beginning for Venezuela and it is time to take advantage of it and not let the corrupted have any power. 
President Hugo Chavez body has not yet been displayed to the public to reassure his death, but from doing some research and watching various news-channels and reading some newspapers the chances that he is still alive are minuscule or none at all.
This new presidency  elections should be coming up soon! lets cross our fingers and hope for a brighter future.

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