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Monday, 14 January 2013

K-T Asteroid Impact

Hi guys, have you ever wonder how dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago?, here is one of the theories which I found very interesting and very possible due to the physical evidence found.
K-T Asteroid Impact, also known as K-T extinction is the largest extraterrestrial impact known to humanity up to today. Some believe that this impact caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Yucatan Peninsula crater located in Mexico is believed to be one of the physical evidences that support the K-T impact theory. This crater extend 100km across the peninsula and is between 10 to 15km deep. Rocks found in this location were tested and found to contain iridium metal. Iridium is mostly found in meteorites site remains.
In order to create a 100km crater scientist calculated that the asteroid was 10km/6miles across and between 25 to 30km wide. The energy with which this asteroid stroked planet earth was comparable to one million nuclear bombs!
It is almost impossible to imagine the magnitude of this impact, but we gotta remember that when studying the earth and space there are not limits.

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