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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hugo Chavez a true Dictator

          I have recently read some news of what is currently happening in Venezuela due to Hugo Chavez absence given that he had previous heart problems. Hugo Chavez to some is a savior to others he is the worst thing that could have happened to Venezuela. I am not from Venezuela but I do have various friends that are. In my opinion I do not think that Chavez intentions are to create a better Venezuela by providing jobs, health care and freedom. I believe that his intentions are to explode Venezuela's Oil and Gas industry. His main goal is to gain profit and create a stronger army, a true "dictator".
          All of these people who adore him only want him back because they need someone who can support them with food, shelter, and currency. Of course the only way of keeping power in a country whose population consists of mainly individuals who can’t support their basic needs, is to buy them out. I do understand the less unfortunate point of view but how are other countries able to help their people without being corrupted?
          So if you ever come across someone who speaks well of Venezuela's current president do not believe them! They are probably just obtaining money from his political party. Hugo Chavez is in fact a man who is not only full of rubbish but is also corrupted and unjust to his own people. 
          There have been multiple attempts of taking him down from his power, but it is extremely hard when at the same time there are so many Venezuelans who think they need his dirty support to survive (Chavistas), when in reality, if those Chavistas only realized that they could earn a conformable honest living by simply getting rid of him instead of accepting his "easy-money" (pathetic). 

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