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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Can we Rely on Websites Information

Venezuela Analysis claims to be an independent website produced by a handful of individuals. The mandate of this organization is to provide an unbiased analysis of the current political setting in Venezuela. The article I have selected, Chavismo, is written by Elias Jaua Milano, a Venezuelan political leader selected by  Hugo Chavez to be the future governor, and the current main investor of the Venezuela Analysis website. Taking the clear bias of this writers position in the Chavez legislation it is easily conceivable this website supports the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez, and is therefore not the independent, unbiased organization it claims to be.

Elias's article highlights interesting points supporting the conclusion above. Firstly he states the Chavista movement is a revolution embracing and protecting less fortunate individuals. Further, he identifies the wealthy as a hindrance - trying to strip Venezuela's identity by exploiting the nations natural resources. In reality neither Hugo Chavez nor Elias Milano have ever experienced poverty, both were born into wealthy and politically powerful families with the pure purpose of maximizing profit at any cost. Elias additionally affirms Hugo Chavez has never betrayed his country and recognizes everyone as equals, but it is proven that during some conservative "right wing" protestations, Hugo Chavez commanded  his political followers (chavistas) to open fire on the protestant crowd. Various people were injured and some killed. How is this recognizing everyone as equals?

Furthermore, Elias informed readers Chavez has made political links with Cuba, Iraq, and Iran by suggesting these connections are for people's well-being and will be used as a recovery process in order for progress to occur. According to other articles and prestigious newspapers Chavez has been purchasing rifles, fighter jets, tanks, and other weapons with the profit of oil and gas to have a stronger military base. Also he has made arrangements to trade oil and gas for more weaponry and nuclear power. How is excessive weaponry and nuclear power in the hands of a radical politician a way to rebuild and recover Venezuela from its current state?

In my opinion the Venezuela Analysis website is a non-neutral political website which only focuses on the accomplishments of Hugo Chavez but not the entire truth of his work and actions.

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